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    Standard sea freight
    If low costs matter for your shipment, try our sea freight
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    International road
    The road transport industry is the backbone of strong
    economies and dynamic societies.
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    Warehousing and
    Warehouse services can be offered as a single service or
    combined with transportation.
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We are specializes in Parcel, Air Freight, Ocean, LTL, TL, Warehousing, and Multimodal internationally.
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At NEWFANGLED LOGISTICS PVT LTD, we know time is of the essence. We have used our legacy Truckload service in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions to shape what our company is today.
Warehousing, Storage and 3PL services offered by the Canava group have become an integral part of our client’s requirements. As our clients continued to demand increased savings and efficiencies in their businesses.
Some images highlighting our warehouse, transport, Cargo and logistics expertise.


Transportation is an essential and integral part of logistics and supply chain system. NEWFANGLED LOGISTICS PVT LTD is not different from others in providing this service.

We adopt all sorts of transportation to meet the deadlines of the consignment delivery.

NEWFANGLED LOGISTICS PVT LTD offers you the capability to deliver anything, anywhere in the world within the deadline.

Tell us where you want to deliver your cargo or picked from across globe or into/out of India, we will suggest you the apt solution.

We have the following advantages:

  • Fastest possible top-priority movement of shipments in a defined time window, depending on route.
  • Low-budget service for freight that is required early and have a transit window for commitment.
  • Delivery of shipments in a defined time window.
  • Space and Vessel Commitments
  • Equipment Choice
  • Cost benefit to transit Combination
  • Sailing Options to choose from
  • Planning of containers on cargo specifications
  • Faster service: Cut your ocean transit by up to 15 days.
  • Efficient pricing: Cut your airfreight charges by up to 50%.
  • Consolidation services: NEWFANGLED LOGISTICS PVT LTD tries to save your cost with consolidation options wherever possible.

From around the corner to
around the globe.

We will take care of your cargo or your passenger and deliver them safe and on time.
Contact us now to get quote for all your global shipping and cargo need.
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What clients say.

Carson Holmquist
“We have used NFL on several occasions to recommend quality warehouse partners, instead of exhausting internal resources to find a good fit. They are always the first call we make when we look to expand our network. NFL makes the process simple for their customers.
Thank you!
Chris Wyles
Just a quick word to say thanks for all your hard work and efforts, that have helped our business operations.
Ben Huckerby
The whole procedure was effortless- from my side a pleasure. The driver was equally helpful which makes a refreshing change to those who can’t wait to just dump the delivery and go. Thanks for setting up the account will be using courier logistics from now on.
Mikel Henson
In a commodity business like trucking, GW really stands out because of its customer service. They come out to discuss our needs, give us fast and accurate quotes, and get me a truck when they say they will. That makes it a relationship.

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